Why Is Wagyu the Best Beef All Around the World? 

In terms of burgers, beef is mostly associated with them—and then Wagyu existed. If you don’t know about Wagyu beef and why it’s considered the best beef all over the world, keep reading this article.  

What is Wagyu Beef? 

Wagyu Beef started in Japan. This type of beef is recognized as the best beef on earth by many. The term Wagyu is derived from its meaning, which is “wa” = Japanese & “gyu” = cow. Wagyu beef can be found in 4 various Japanese cattle types. However, what makes wagyu the most popular and highly coveted beef in the world?  

Wagyu Beef is High in Fat 

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. This type of beef is high in fat, which is a great thing. Though exercise clips during the 1980s might have people running terrified from anything that contains the term “fat,” the new and innovated nutrition has proven that the right fats are essential and beneficial given that it’s consumed in moderation.  

Wagyu beef has a higher percentage of monounsaturated fats and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids compared to other beef. Its soft fat has a low melting point and doesn’t just make the wagyu beef’s texture wonderful, but it also holds most of the flavor.  

Marble Texture 

Wagyu is not the same as any other kind of beef. Wagyu beef is one of a kind since it’s highly marbled. Marbling indicates the visible intramuscular fat layer. Such fat can be found in the muscle. Because of the cow’s distinctive genetics, the meat has a higher fatty acids percentage compared to ordinary beef, which gives it a higher marbling score.  

Once the beef has a higher marbling score, it just means that it’s more tender and flavorsome. And the pure full-blood wagyu cow has the highest levels of marble out of any beef on earth.  

Wagyu Beef Will Literally Melt in Your Mouth 

With the help of the high percentage of fat and marbled texture, wagyu beef is tender, moist, and mouth-wateringly full of flavors.  

No one would want a chew-fest that induces sweat as they chow down a burger meal. What most customers need and want is to experience and savor the buttery and rich taste of the meat effortlessly with every bite they take. Because of that, the wagyu beef burgers will always be the best out of all types of beef patties in the world. Hence, why would you get a typical burger if you can eat and enjoy a wagyu beef burger instead? 


Make sure to cook it correctly 

If you are fortunate enough to purchase a Wagyu steak at the store that offers wagyu beef for sale, make sure to make the most out of it. See to it that you bring it to room temp before cooking it. Since it has a high-fat content, the meat can be quickly cooked. And you don’t want the outer part to get burned before the inside is cooked. Then, simply season it to appreciate its flavor better. Ultimately, enjoy your wagyu beef.