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What’s it like to be an Electrical Engineer at Nexus?

Dena Al-Kolak shares a typical day, why she chose Nexus, and how her work and team are shaping her career.

Q. What’s the typical day like at Nexus?

Dena: Every day starts with a detailed agenda and a quick touch-base with my colleagues. I reply to a few emails and dive into my projects. I’m currently working on cathodic protection, current indication, and power study projects. The team members in the electrical department are an important part of my day. The electrical department includes design and power studies, which means I’m able to take on and learn all different types of projects, and we are always learning from each other. My colleague Joe has been very helpful betvictor casino loginas I’ve learned power system analysis. The projects are challenging, and completing them is rewarding. Throughout the day I’m working with the team, responding to clients, attending meetings, and making progress on my projects.

Q. Why did you choose Nexus?

Dena: I chose Nexus because of the friendly and helpful team members and work environment. Our leaders are approachable and knowledgeable. At Nexus I’m able to learn from everyone, from the executives down to entry levels and interns. This is an aspect that I truly enjoy – I’m able to collaborate and work with all levels of team members, even our President, Jeff Herzog and our Executive Vice President, Marianne Corrao. They know each team member by name and are actively involved in the projects.

Q: What has been your favorite experience?

Dena: My favorite memory while at Nexus is attending and participating in Intern Day as an intern, and assisting in planning it as a full-time employee. Intern Day illustrates the close-knit community here and helps strengthen our collaborative environment. The Intern Day starts with an act of service within the community, betvictor appincludes a lunch with peers, and ends with a fun-filled activity that promotes bonding amongst intern and full-time team members.

In addition to Intern Day, working alongside my team members in the electrical department is extremely enjoyable to me. The electrical department’s work environment is efficient, cohesive, and professional. My more experienced colleagues set a great example for young and entry-level team members to follow. They help you navigate the field and build your confidence by supporting your learning and answering your questions. Seasoned individuals help you understand the ethical, technical, and professional sides of engineering, while less experienced individuals provide project support that helps me advance as a young professional.

Q: Who at Nexus has helped shaped your career?

Dena: My team members Nicole, Brett, Paul, and Joe have been instrumental in furthering my career as an electrical engineer. They have been wonderful mentors, and I have learned a great deal from them. I’ll pop into Nicole’s office five times a day to ask her a question, and she is always willing to help me find a solution. betvictor Online casinoPaul and Brett have provided consistent guidance and support as I’ve stepped into the field. These team members are a joy to work with and have given me the understanding of what I should expect from the team and what the team expects of me.

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About Nexus Engineering Group LLC

Nexus Engineering Group LLC, headquartered in Cleveland with offices in Maumee and Canton, Ohio, extending into Michigan and Houston, Texas, is a full-service, independent engineering firm focused on supporting clients’ specific project goals from concept to startup. Since 2005, clients have recognized Nexus as the engineering firm of choice in the refining, petroleum midstream, chemical, manufacturing and utilities industries.

With nearly 200 professionals on staff, Nexus is made up of experienced process, instrumentation and controls, civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, and piping betvictor Online casinoprofessionals with decades of hands-on conceptual and detailed system design and construction and project management experience.

Nexus delivers project designs that reduce overall risks, resulting in safer work environments. By utilizing state-of-the-art software and innovative design tools, Nexus consistently meets client project and investment requirements.  Get to know us and you will agree that Nexus is not your typical engineering firm.