A glowing industrial hydrocracker furnaceInspection indicated signs of creep stress and deterioration in radiant and convection sections of furnace.

A client’s inspection of the 1960’s vintage furnace identified that the tubes in the radiant sections showed signs of creep stress and required betvictorreplacement. This inspection also showed other deterioration issues in the radiant section, convection section and large bore duct to the SCR from the furnace stack.

With only a short amount of time remaining before the Hydrocracker planned turnaround, the challenge was to find an effective option to replace the required process heat input by either rebuilding or replacing the existing furnace considering safety, operability, constructability and economics all in compliance with existing environmental permits.


  • Options were developed and economic assessments completed for both total furnace replacement and repair/rebuilding of the existing furnace. The rebuild option was chosen by the client as the preferred solution. •
  • betvictorIdentified and coordinated the required demolition work necessary to complete the rebuild of the furnace.
  • Provided a detailed design package within 12 weeks to meet the refinery shutdown schedule.
  • Provided a detailed +/- 10% TIC estimate for budget planning and approval.
  • Expedited vendor equipment to meet shutdown schedule
  • Provided field construction support.
  • Provided record drawings after installation is complete.

The installation and commissioning were completed safely, within budget and on time.

Oil & Gas Refining


Services Provided
Project Management and Services
Mechanical Engineering
Piping Design
Installation Packages
Procurement Support

Hydrocracker operation was maintained with the installation of replacement furnace components.

The project was coordinated betvictorwith other turnaround work to minimize impact to other work conducted on the same unit.

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