An airplane takes off from a runway near an electrical substationNexus has been selected by one of its power generation clients to perform the engineering for a power systems upgrade to the adjacent substation that supplies electricity to a major domestic airport on the east coast.  

As a critical component to the expansion program underway at this airportit has been determined that a resilient and reliable betvictor appback-up source of power needs to be available in the event that the primary source of power experiences a system failure or outage. Nexus will be collaborating with its client to evaluate the current electrical distribution system and make recommendations for infrastructure upgrades to the airport owner/operator.   

The airport receives its electric power from a nearby substationThe electricity is supplied at 27,000VAfter an outage occurred at another nearby airport, it was determined that a back-up source of electrical power was needed. Nexus’s client was selected to provide the backup power.  This back-up source will be a direct connection to the airport at 13.8kV and 4.33kV. This power source will require automatic initiation if the primary source experiences a failure. 

Nexus is utilizing a phased approach for this project.  Phase I will include the development of conceptual design to validate the electrical requirements and distribution methodology.  Phase II will require a percent of design complete to support and determine a project execution strategy (an Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) approach or a Design-Build (DB) approach).  Phase III will include the detailed design of the back-up power distribution system and construction support through completionstart-up, and commissioning. 

Client Name 
Major Power Generation Company 

East Coast 


  • Conceptual Engineering & Design 
  • Power System Analysis 
  • Detailed Engineering & Design 
  • Electrical & Civil/Structural Expertise  
  • Estimating, Scheduling, Reporting 
  • Project Management & Coordination 
  • Construction & Startup Support 


  • Client Design Standards  
  • Owner/operator Requirements 
  • Utility and ISO Needs 
  • State Codes & Regulations