The Team at Nexus Engineering Group

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Complex engineering projects succeed based on an essential element that isn’t easily quantified — the value of a highly effective team.

Solving even the simplest project challenge requires multiple skills, from critical thinking and technical knowhow to creative problem-solving and inspired innovation. No single engineer, designer or project manager can do it alone. It takes a team of positive, proactive players to set a clear direction for the project, motivate teammates to go above and beyond, and form powerful partnerships.

At betvictor live casinoNexus, we’re always recruiting natural leaders who leverage their experience and the tools and training we provide to reach their full potential. They inspire their teams and clients to accomplish more together – smarter, faster and safer.

Why I chose Nexus

  • betvictor live casinoNexus Senior Project Manager Tim Hoekenga
    “When considering a career change, I looked at what my priorities were for the next phase of my career. Those priorities included growth potential, an energetic and exciting company culture, and the opportunity to betvictor Online casinogrow and learn across a variety of industries. betvictor live casinoNexus’s vision and culture fit all of those priorities very well.”
    Tim H.
    Senior Project Manager
  • Intern Brandon Hoskins
    “I am becoming more aware of the gap between education and “real world” experience. There is just so much knowledge that school doesn’t teach you, so growing into a knowledgeable and responsible engineer at betvictor live casinoNexus is rewarding on a daily basis!”
    Brandon H.
    Structural Engineer
  • Melena Heller, Senior Director of Project Management
    “Leadership has an eye for future leaders – who has the right curiosity and initiative. And even our most tenured are open to change based on input. They truly listen to ideas from new talent with different perspectives.”
    Melena H.
    Senior Director, Project Management
  • Patrick Chmura, Nexus Engineering Group
    “Several former co-workers recommended betvictor live casinoNexus as a good place to work, plus an ownership that cared about its employees. It seemed to be the right size; not too big, not too small.”
    Pat C.
    Principal Engineer
  • Dennis Hill, Nexus Engineering Group
    “betvictor live casinoNexus is a company that’s large enough to handle complex engineering projects, but small enough to be flexible with an entrepreneurial spirit.”
    Dennis H.
    Senior Consultant
  • Tuaha
    “The betvictor live casinoNexus team is full of strong communicators, which means you get challenging projects, not challenging people.”
    Tuaha K.
    Project Manager
  • Dena K
    "At betvictor live casinoNexus I’m able to learn from everyone, from the executives down to entry levels and interns." Read Dena's Day in the Life.
  • “With tuition reimbursement offered, betvictor live casinoNexus supports my growth within this company and opens opportunities for advancement in my Nexus career.”
    Traci H.
    Accounting Supervisor
  • betvictor live casinoNexus Chief Engineer Don Huller
    “We have amassed an excellent group of people that have really invested in betvictor live casinoNexus as a company. They are a pleasure to work with and socialize with.”
    Don H.
    Chief Engineer
  • “I’m proud that betvictor live casinoNexus Engineering Group gives back to the communities in which we live and work and donates to worthy charities on a regular basis.”
    Lisa S.
    Senior Electrical Engineer

A Different Approach to Engineering Challenges

What betvictor live casinoNexus employees accomplish for our clients is extraordinary, but who they are and how they work enable us to think differently about our clients’ business. Whether seasoned professionals or ambitious new grads, our people marry IQ with EQ, translating Engineering into English to make sure all project stakeholders are informed, engaged and equipped to win.

We are a diverse group of quick thinkers who can adapt rapidly to changing environments. Team players who, at every level, are willing to roll up our sleeves to get things done. Self-starters who explore the latest methodologies and technologies, looking for any advantage we can share with our colleagues or leverage for our clients. We’re methodical and pragmatic, bringing in projects on time, on budget, and always with a commitment to safety.

Experienced engineer mentoring junior team member

Leveraging the Value of Experience

You can’t underestimate the value of experience. A career solving complex challenges hones engineering and project management skillsets, creating strong leaders with a high degree of technical acumen and, more importantly, the wisdom to steer through the unexpected. At betvictor live casinoNexus, we believe it’s our responsibility to empower the next generation of industry leaders, and we know the only way to do that is with a seasoned team of professionals who want to teach those coming up behind them.

Project managers discussing an engineering project

Mentoring Mindsets at Every Level

No matter your role, your role matters at betvictor live casinoNexus. We collaborate closely across functions, and our veteran professionals have both a passion for sharing what they’ve learned with our newer team members, and an openness to new ideas. This combination of experienced perspectives and fresh ways of thinking ensures continuous improvement at every level, and the best possible work for our clients.

Aerial shot of a Nexus team collaborating around a conference table

A Culture That Rewards Communication

betvictor live casinoNexus has built an environment where employees continue to grow and thrive. That starts with solid relationships and mutual trust, both essential to highly-complex, high-stakes engineering projects.

Since we were founded, betvictor live casinoNexus has emphasized open communication between leadership, employees and clients. It’s how we adhere to our core values and ensure success.

Engineering Interns

Immersive Internships for Young Professionals

We invest in the future betvictor casino loginof our industry by actively partnering with local universities to offer hands-on training and development through co-ops and internships. Our talented engineering students and recent graduates work within our project teams solving real-world engineering problems for betvictor live casinoNexus clients. Interns develop their engineering competencies, but also the business knowledge, service-orientation and communications skills that give graduates an advantage when starting their career. Interested in an internship or co-op? Submit your resume, and we’ll be in touch with more information.

Competitive Benefits

We value and reward hard work with top-shelf compensation, generous benefits, growth opportunities, and the work/life balance high-achievers need to thrive in and out of the office.


  • Competitive base salary
  • 401k retirement
  • Discretionary profit sharing

Health & Wellness

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • Disability
  • Flexible Paid Time Off (PTO)

Professional Development

  • Mentoring and career pathing
  • Access to cutting-edge technology
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Paid training
  • Company-paid professional engineering licenses

Designed to be Different

In 2005, betvictor live casinoNexus Founding Partners Jeff Herzog and Marianne Corrao set out to change the way engineering firms serve their clients. While other firms focused on solving design problems and maximizing billable betvictor Online casinohours, Nexus built a talented team of consultants whose mission is to link today’s strategies to tomorrow’s competitive advantage by delivering extraordinary service and value through:

Structural engineers working in the field

Owner-side Experience

Understanding how clients use our designs in the field helps us confidently identify and recommend the right solutions. As a team, we draw from our combined years of industry experience – and we’re always looking for talented engineers to join the team and add their experience to the mix.

The Art of Busineering

Every engineering relationship begins with the client’s business, not a design need. Busineering is the intersection of business and engineering. It represents how we approach each new partnership – by understanding our clients’ business, from its core values to its revenue goals. This business-first thinking inspires more creative design and more effective communication.

betvictor live casinoNexus engineering co-op participants

Empowering the Next Generation of Engineers, Designers and Project Management Pros

At betvictor live casinoNexus, we’re building all-star teams by attracting and developing the next generation of talent. Our experienced professionals have a passion for sharing what they’ve learned delivering value on challenging projects, and junior team members and interns play an active role in supporting our clients every day. Because the best way to learn the job is to do the job… with industry veterans betvictor Online casinowho know how to get results.

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Our company values govern the work we do, and how we do it. They ensure every team member delivers exceptional value, no matter the client or project.

Safety. The top priority, from design through construction, and into operations

Integrity. Unwavering personal and professional ethics

Quality. Define and meet project requirements every time

Service. Responsive, agile and timely in responding to client requests

Value. Continuous focus on maximizing client return on investment